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آموزش Yuriy_Bishko

🔥The LAST hope for crypto: why DXY may pump BTC soon❓ Hi friends! This educational idea about the dollar index and entire crypto market will be really usefull for the beginners and the experienced traders also. I`ll explain you several fundamental and technical reasons why and when BTC ans other crpyto will start rise. You can also use it in your trading to identify the global trend and open more succesfull trades. As far as you may know,✅the stronger the dollar index ( DXY ) the weaker all global assets and vice versa. This means that when the index rises, most stocks, cryptocurrencies fall. When the index falls the most assets grow very fast, especially such volatile ones as 🔥crypto: Bitcoin , altcoins and 🔥shares of technology companies: Tesla , Meta, Apple , etc. But when actually BTC and other crypto will start it's rise and you can open your best long trades❓ I explain you this in the both chapters about fundamental and technical analysis . ✅ Fundamental analysis Now the dollar index is strengthening amid the Fed rate hike. This means that we have to wait until the trend reverses and the dollar index starts to fall. After that BTC and altcoins might start it`s new BULL MARKET. 📊 When the dollar index ( DXY ) starts to fall? The dollar has strengthened significantly against other currencies in the world (pound, euro etc.). This is caused by the latest rate hike to 3.25% and expectations for an increase to 4.4-4.75% by the end of 2022. The stats for traders who want to understand how the growth of dollar index ( DXY ) affects other assets and currencies: 🚩The Euro is at 20 year lows. 🚩The Yen is at 24 year lows. 🚩The Pound is at 37 year lows. 📊 Do not be surprised that Bitcoin fell so much🔥, because according to the latest data, even the institutionals (big players) also scared and opened the biggest hedge positions since 2008. 🚩 It can be assumed that from the end of 2022 or early 2023 we can see a global reversal of ALL markets, including crypto depends on FEDs rate hicking end. ✅ Technical analysis 📊 14 year channel on DXY Pay attention to point #4 on the dollar index chart. This is where the global uptrend for DXY and global downtrend for BTC began. The strongest dependence! 📊 When to open a long trade on Bitcoin❓ The end of the rate hike by the end of 2022 coincides with the technical analysis on the dollar index chart. The index is now at point #5, which is the upper boundary of the channel and the srongest resistance for the dollar index . It is worth adding that this is not just a channel on the 5 min chart, which globally has no significance. This is a huge 14 year channel (‼️) on the weekly chart, which the price will test for the 5th time! This is a powerful signal for a reversal and resistance for the price. 🚩 The higher the timeframe, the more traders see it and, accordingly, the greater the price reaction on it. Montly>Weekly>Daily>4h>1h>... 🔥We can expect the index to fall from point #5 or at least partially consolidate at these levels before falling, as it was back in 2017 (or point #3). This can pull the price assest including BTC and altcoin to the new ATH. 📊 BTC global bottoms. In addition, the reversal of the dollar index coincides with the formation of Bitcoin's global bottom. Bitcoin began 3/4 of its bull markets with consolidation at the bottom, which is happening now. 🚩 Of course, local manipulations with the collection of liquidity below $17,000 are very likely, but even now you can start to look for a good entry point in the trend reversal. For example, it may be the pattern of higher lows and higher highs, which is characteristic of a bullish trend . ✅ I use much more advanced trading systems to identify the best entry points and open trades either short or long, about which I write my ideas on TradingView, but this pattern will definitely help both beginner and experienced trader to earn more. Traders, will you use this analysis in your trading❓ When exactly do you expect the global bottom on Bitcoin❓ Let's discuss it in the comments. 💻Friends, press the "boost"🚀 button, write comments and share with your friends - it will be the best THANK YOU. P.S. Personally, I open an entry if the price shows it according to my strategy. Always do your analysis before making a trade.

آموزش TradingStat

✅TS ❕ MATICUSD: strong downtrend✅ ✅MATIC has formed several minima. Now the price has reached the support level again, from which a rebound is possible.✅ 🚀BUY scenario: long to 0.811.🚀 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember, there is no place for luck in trading - only strategy! Thanks for the likes and comments.

آموزش TradingShot

BITCOIN The scariest fractal right now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Please LIKE 👍, SUBSCRIBE ✅, SHARE 🙌 and COMMENT ✍ if you enjoy this idea! Also share your ideas and charts in the comments section below! This is best way to keep it relevant, support me, keep the content here free and allow the idea to reach as many people as possible. ** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yesterday's sudden reversal to Bitcoin's ( BTCUSD ) strong rise early in the day, just below the 1D MA50 (blue trend-line) was far from ideal as it closed the daily candle in red. That brings to memory the last time that happened and was the last signal before a massive sell-off. That was on May 04 2022. As you see the price was again rejected just before hitting the 1D MA50, only a few days after it marginally broke above it (April 21) but again failed, just like on September 13. Following the May 04 rejection, the resulting sell-off initially dropped by -36% and by June 18 it completed a -63% fall from the March 28 Top. Such huge decreases have not been uncommon throughout this Bear Cycle (which has been trading within a Bearish Megaphone pattern) and especially since the November 10 All Time High, whose subsequent drop was around -52%. I have replicated the January 22 - June 18 price action (blue) and pasted it on the post June 18 sequence. That fractal that hints to a -61% drop at around $10000. If it follows the Megaphone's first drop of -52%, then it would result to around $12000. Whatever happens, that is indeed a scary fractal , in fact the scariest projection that can be made on BTC right now. It may or may not happen. What matters is to be prepared for both and apply a strategy that utilizes the appropriate risk management. But what's your view on this fractal? Do you think it is realistic? What are your targets for Bitcoin on a 1-2 month horizon? Feel free to let me know in the comments section below! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You may also TELL ME 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ in the comments section which symbol you want me to analyze next and on which time-frame. The one with the most posts will be published tomorrow! 👏🎁 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇

آموزش pejman_zwin

Bitcoin Analyze (Short Term, Timeframe 15min,9/28/2022)!!! Bitcoin was able to Double Zigzag Correction at 20385.86$. Now, Bitcoin is running in microwave A, and I expect that Bitcoin goes up at least to the target that I specified in my chart. Bitcoin Analyze ( BTCUSDT ), Timeframe 15min⏰. Do not forget to put Stop loss for your positions (For every position that you want to open). Please follow your strategy, this is just my Idea, and I will be glad to see your ideas in this post. Please do not forget the ✅' like'✅ button 🙏😊 & Share it with your friends; thanks, and Trade safe.

آموزش MarsSignals

ICXUSDT Hello Crypto Lovers, Mars Signals team wishes you high profits. This is a one-day-time frame analysis for ICXUSDT Here we have R1 as a resistance line that includes the unsuccessful attempts of price in order to rise. R2 used to be a support line and S1 is the support line at the bottom of the chart. Presently, we have the price fluctuating below R1 and our prediction would be a fall toward S1 and then be having some confirmation candles to rise, we will consider our long position activated and a rise is predicted toward R1 or higher amounts. Bear in mind that in case the price falls below S1, more decline is predicted. Warning: This is just a suggestion and we do not guarantee profits. We advise you to analyze the chart before opening any positions. Wish you luck

آموزش MarsSignals

CAKEUSDT Hello Crypto Lovers, Mars Signals team wishes you high profits. This is a one-day-time frame analysis for CAKEUSDT Based on previous analysis on September 18, we expected a rising trend to happen and now our prediction came true. There is R1 as a resistance area that includes the disability of the price to rise. And S1 and S2 are our support areas which express the well support of price at some points. At the moment, we have the fluctuation of price below R1 and we expect the rise will happen toward the mentioned area and then we must receive some falling signs to activate our short position and a decline is predicted for the price. If the price moves above R1, more rise is waiting for that. Warning: This is just a suggestion and we do not guarantee profits. We advise you to analyze the chart before opening any positions. Wish you luck

آموزش MarsSignals

BTCUSDT Hello Crypto Lovers, Mars Signals team wishes you high profits. This is a 4-hour-time frame analysis for BTCUSDT As we analyzed on September 26, we predicted a falling trend and the price faced a decline after a rise. As you see, R2 and R1 are the resistance areas that express the unsuccessful triumphs of the price to rise. And S1 is our support line that contains the well support of price. Thus, we have the price fluctuating over S1 and we expect it to fall to this area. Here we should have some rising signs in order to consider the long position and then predict a rise up to R1. Note that it is suggested to activate your stop-loss for having less risky trades. Warning: This is just a suggestion and we do not guarantee profits. We advise you to analyze the chart before opening any positions. Wish you luck

آموزش thecryer

SPX vs BTC - This is what i want to see. - That's why i use mostly Nasdaq to compare with BTC . - Small things matter as they are the ones that create every big thing - Remember my last topic here : - Choose your way. Happy Tr4Ding!

آموزش MarsSignals

IOTAUSDT Hello Crypto Lovers, Mars Signals team wishes you high profits. This is a one-day-time frame analysis for IOTAUSDT Here we have R2 as a resistance area which represents that the price was not able to rise at several points. R1 used to be a support area and S1 used to be another resistance line. Therefore, we have the price fluctuating bellow R1 area and we expect it to fall to S1 (as it used to do in its past behavior) and we should wait for some rising signs in order to have an increase for the price toward R2. In case the price is not supported at S1, more fall is there for it. Warning: This is just a suggestion and we do not guarantee profits. We advise you to analyze the chart before opening any positions. Wish you luck

آموزش BitCoinGuide

September28 BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis Hello. “Make it simple, make profit” It’s BitcoinGuide. Don’t forget to “Follow” me and press “Likes”. If you "follow" press, Only 30 Min chart , In real time, you can check major sections and move, Real-time "update I dea" can be checked. I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for September 28. Bitcoin 4 hour chart. There was one downtrend following the Nasdaq, but The last touch section is the 1-hour chart support line. 12 hour resistance vs 1 hour support It's an ascending advantage. If the Nasdaq rebounds successfully, The beat can go higher. Today's approximate Top and Bottom prices are displayed. around the green support line. Check the red up/light blue down movement path (The red support line is the last uptrend line.) I made today's trading strategy. This is the Nasdaq 30-minute chart. 3 days left until the end of the month There may be directions today. In the morning, there was a downtrend, From a bearish perspective, a double bottom is the end of the last season in a long position. This month, calculate the lowest price # Currently available Upward / Downward / Vertically downward We share the main sections in three directions. The Nasdaq chart above was substituted for Bitcoin as it is. There is a Nasdaq data release at 11pm tonight. Tomorrow's GDP and Friday's Core Consumption Expenditure Indicators are yet to be released. The final double bottom at the bottom, with the low in front of you When it is judged that all the remaining indicators are bad news according to the strategy No normal picture comes out. Even if it crashes today -> crashes tomorrow -> crashes the day after tomorrow the trough is very close In this month's chart design, it is impossible to miss more than the bottom section shown. (On the weekly/monthly chart, the candle moves only within the specified section.) Even if you fall out when you fall, you have to make a place to eat and fall In case of bad luck today, the sky blue finger section goes down to the right Otherwise, because Wednesday is generally a sideways trade Ignoring the indicator announcement, a rebound should come out again. So, today, personally, the red arrow I put weight on the sky blue finger polarity guarantee. Among them, the 30-minute chart arrow one-way long position strategy. Of course, the purple finger section can be viewed as a case of vertical halving. 14626 at the bottom This week and this month can be seen as the lowest level. * When the red arrow moves long position strategy If you succeed in rebounding in the current section, Because there is a high possibility that a long position entry position will not appear. Pursue the long position. 1. $18731 long position entry section / Stop loss price when the red support line is broken The final target will be the Top price, At 11:15 and 11:15, there should be no significant movement. That way, I think I will be able to survive the indicator announcements (bad news) tomorrow and Friday. We prepared for that move because we need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. And, the bottom double bottom as the end of the season Some of you may be preparing to enter a long position. In general, the place I want, the place I open my mouth to It doesn't come down, and sometimes a rebound comes out of an ambiguous spot. It's really hard to get to the bottom There is a certain direction, and it is never too late to enter when going up. Don't risk your life on $2~3000 on the floor. Only those who are entering, I think it would be good to focus on this until this month. I won't give up and I won't rest until September 30th Let's run. My analysis is for reference only. I think it would be better if you just use it. We hope that you operate safely as a principle of trading / stop loss is essential. thank you.